Our company

XVIth century gave birth to venetian flooring in terrazzo in the area characterized by venetian influence, causing it to maintain some peculiar features which distinguished it from other forms of flooring decorative art.

Its first forms, probably of roman derivation, consisted in joining fragments coming from demolitions or rejections with lime. Only wear and tear would have smoothed its surface. To satisfy aesthetic and strenghtening requirements, marble inserting became quite imediately one of its distinctive qualities.

This art of decorating floors could survive thank to continuous granulometric and chromatic variations, to the ability in alterning sizes of stones and in breaking a traditional sense of geometry. Lime progressively was substituted by stronger and rapid cement.

From the 50's, the tendency to restore historical buildings, dated from XVth and XVIth century, sustained a new building philosophy: human, thecnical and planning resources directed their efforts to respect the frame and the structure of the originals.

Some important firms supported this new building thought with a qualified staff who became the highly skilled and experienced professionals who offer today an ever more advanced product.

A history of stones and men.
A history of ideas becoming colours.
A history of light and passion.
That's all we feel to represent: the nobility of a past which allows us to be mentioned as interpreters of one of the highly refined artistic expressions of our territory.